Textier solutions enable HOTEL BRANDS to create CONSISTENT, SELLABLE, VALUABLE content for the target group and the entire company through augmented sub-recording based on scientifically proven algorithms


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What’s in it for you?

To make sure that everybody in your organization writes in a consistent and compliant way, according to the company guidelines and department-specific rules, the organization can centrally activate and adjust the right algorithm, which is also the ruleset. At the same time, departments can add specific rules that are important to them, like SEO, B1 language level and forbidden words.

With Textier these rules and guidelines can be applied directly in the systems that your organization uses to create content. This could be Microsoft Word, Outlook, Google Docs, Sitecore, EpiServer, or any other system.

Used For

All departures in wich workers should communicate according to imprinting norms, standarts, values and upsales
  • Quality control
    Reviews, web responding, handling complaints, thank you letters
  • Booking department

    Business correspondence, price calculation

  • General
    Script writing, long text summary, create menu, translation into all languages

  • Marketing and Sales Department
    Content marketing, mailing, SMM post, commercial offers, seo Texts

  • Reception .Front Desk .Concierge
    FAQ answers, concierge chat bot. welcome letters. room service, reviews responding
  • Human Resources
    Description of vacancies, job descriptions, work instructions
How it works?

Give the task to artificial intelligence, referring to it as a person.

He will give you an answer instantly

See how our customers benefit

Textier is not just a service. You hire the most competent employee.

It knows exactly your values ​​and standards, it will always help colleagues. It sells and it has a lot of ideas for any department.
It is also a trainer who is involved in improving the skills and knowledge of your employees.

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